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1. Please be informed that our company does not accept handwritten, unclear, or obscure original texts, nor do we accept the collating or editing of translatable materials done by party other than us.
2. Our company is not responsible for direct or indirect consequences resulted in by using the translation, but only for accuracy of it.
3. For technical documents, please provide as many background materials and reference vocabularies as possible, in order for us to establish corresponding collections of special words for clients
4. Translation is a kind of tough and complicated brainwork. That is to say, more time spent means higher quality. Therefore, please allow us enough time except that the translation is urgent or extremely urgent.
5. Consecutive interpreting should be scheduled two days ahead, and one week ahead for simultaneous interpreting.
6. Xinyitong Translation Company is deeply aware that speed and quality are two equally important points for clients. Consequently, we adopt the strategy of overall control and partial check-on to exert every effort for combining quality and speed effectively. To achieve this goal, the following measures are employed by us for assurance of service quality:
(1)Manning of translation personnel: For translation tasks of each client, we will designate professional personnel for positions of specialty translators, literal translators, and project manager according to translation contents, assuring smooth cooperation among them until completion.
(2)Process management: We will carry out each task via the following control processes.

(3) Training and performance: We will conduct periodic business training of all direct translation participants, mainly concerning the notion of quality control and improvement of business level. Meanwhile, we will specify one or a series of undertakers for responsibilities of any defects in the aspects of quality and time. Penalties will be clearly embodied in project remunerations of the undertaker(s) while we review our defects.
7. For some unavoidable lapses happening in our work, we will offer the clients economical compensations according to contract at the same time when we try the best for remedy.
8. Selecting translation company should not be based on saving costs and time. Translation is a kind of hard brainwork with high speciality. The price and time are corresponding with quality. Your assumption that low price and short time might yield excellent translation services will be a low possibility statistically in the perspective of specialists. All in all, when selecting translation company, you should make it very clear whether your potential partner can introduce itself objectively and correctly. Sometimes it is necessitated to conduct on-the-spot investigations and require free translation trial. Prudent selecting is to be responsible for yourself, otherwise satisfactory cooperator will not be found. If you are seeking for high-level translation company, Xinyitong is your best and wisest choice without doubt. Through devoting the attention to each task and offering services with full heart, we are convinced that our superior service quality must be able to attract you more, touch you more, and retain you more than our service introduction can.


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