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   Disciplines Covered



Translating all types of business documents
Scientific and technical documents
Product brochures, operation and instruction manuals
Medical and pharmaceutical product specifications
Patents and copyright specifications, tenders
Legal texts, contracts, treaties, court documentation
Annual business reports, balance sheets, profit and loss statements
Newspaper and magazine articles, recreational and sports reports
Software and hardware user manuals and licensing agreements
Web pages and web sites
Books, magazines and general literature

Simultaneous interpretation and consecutive interpretation for International Conference and other formal negotiation meetings.
Companion interpretation for business travel, sightseeing and temporary secretary services.

Localization of software
Multimedia Presentations
Voice-over and Subtitling for video, TV, film, DVD, VCD and CDROM

Conference Organization
We are experienced in the organization of itineraries and meetings for overseas delegations visiting top government leaders, especially in the Finance field.

Desktop publishing
Typing of Chinese and foreign languages; Typesetting, scanning and providing
PDF, PAGEMAKER, FRAMEMAKER, FREEHAND, ILLUSTRATOR, PHOTOSHOP formats and relevant binding and printing services.






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