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In the present network age, our businesses have expanded beyond the areas of Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou, Qingdao, and Zhengzhou. With speedy development of Internet, our planet seems smaller while our services are available all over the country (even including Hong Kong).

According to our financial system, local or endemic clients should comply with the following prescriptions about payment of translation charges and about business operations:

1. Prepayment must be paid first:

2. After paying certain prepayment, clients can fax the vouchers (including vouchers for telegraphic transfer, for account transfer, and for remittance) instantaneously to our company (Shanghai fax and phone number: 021-63084816, Beijing fax and phone number: 010-51664969, Guangzhou fax and phone number: 020-61173266, Qingdao fax and phone number: 0532-6161457, Zhengzhou fax and phone number: 0371-5585076)

3. After receiving notices from our financial departments, we will start the translation immediately and inform the clients of that.

4. After completing the translation, we will inform the clients of paying the remaining money, and procedures will be the same as that mentioned above. After receiving the vouchers, we will deliver the translation immediately.

5. After completing the translation, we will offer free revisions for small changes until the clients are satisfied. However, for translation tasks added to, additional payment is required.

6. Bank account for remittance:
Company name: Shanghai Xinyitong Translation Co. Ltd.
Bank of deposit: Buyecheng Branch, Shanghai Bank
Account number:316366-00005080980

7. Money that should be pre-paid:
For business worth more than RMB¥1000, eighty percent of the charge should be pre-paid. For that less than RMB¥1000, all charge should pre-paid.

8. For unclear matters concerned, you can obtain the online consultation from our website, www.e-fanyi.com, or call the following phone numbers for help: 021-63084816 (Shanghai), 010-51664969 (Beijing), 020-61173266 (Guangzhou), 0532-6072816 (Qingdao), 0371-5585077 (Zhengzhou), 0510-8973830 (Wuxi) 

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